seair sudan

  • Logistics

    Seair is offering a complete logistics solution in the Sudan. The expertise and experience offered by the company ensures safe, efficient and on time service.

  • Shipping

    Seair Shipping was established with main objective to provide ship agency and stevedoring services to owned or chartered vessels calling at any port in Sudan i.e. Port Sudan, Swakin, Osief, El Kheir Terminal and Bashayer Crude Oil Terminal.

  • Trading




Seair has experienced management with background from various kinds of operations, having a strong determination to fulfill the customers’ requirements and complete any challenge put before them, proactive in approach to all tasks, making maximum use of skills and having the confidence of doing it efficiently and to the highest standards possible. Every facet of every job undertaken is orchestrated through one single point to ensure optimum control and service co-ordination, leaving our customer peace of mind.




Seair is implementing the

Team Management Principles




Our overall commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management and superior external and internal customer satisfaction to ensure our future success and separate us from our competitors.

Our Vision

To provide customers and principals with integrated solutions to their shipping and logistics requirements that is cost effective and on-time.


We are striving to be in the forefront in shipping and logistics worldwide.

Quality Policy

Highest quality service is our main goal when it comes to providing our customers with personalized transport, shipping and logistics and related services.


Our philosophy is very simple:

if we don't take care of our customer, somebody else will.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer our Principals and Customers a consistently high level of service that exceeds their requirements and expectations.


We understand that our values system includes contribution to development and progress, respect of every individual, responsibility within the society we work in, and firm belief that profit is not the ultimate goal of the company. Profit is absolutely necessary for the company's activity but it is not an essence of life.


We understand that being a leader in our profession means to go above standards and to show our partners and clients the very best of what is available in our business area up to date.